TalkSi Self-study Package

This comprehensive four-skills package for teenagers and adults (from A1-B2) builds learners’ confidence and make them feel autonomous. TalkSi is packed full of thought-provoking topics, information-rich texts, interesting tasks and activities that will motivate and engage learners. The series challenges learners’ opinions and inspires them to think critically.

A new array of digital resources such as authentic videos, on-line quizzes and proficiency tests provides even more attractiveness.

Key Features:

· Vocabulary bank provides learners with a list of new vocabulary appeared through each unit. The approach to new vocabulary facilitates language learning and encourages learner autonomy.

· Useful language provides learners with common expressions used in each topic or situation.

· Clear objectives and learning outcomes for every unit provides learners a clear framework to evaluate themselves.

· Can-do checklists help learners think about what they learnt in each unit.

· Online quizzes enhance student self-assessment.

· Engaging videos develop communication skills through real-life examples and scenarios.

· Motivating and information-rich texts challenge learners’ thoughts, ideas and opinions and inspire them to think more critically.

PDF units Quizzes Answer key

Audio files (Listening Section) Audio script Vocabulary bank

Video files (Speaking Section) Video script Language use (Functions)